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    cannot paste into script editor


      i am brand new to Fm15 pro

      I am trying to past a script from the help file into the script workspace and it does not let me. there is also noe past in the edit menu


      what can be wrong. I am using the pro version trial





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          You cannot paste plain text directly into the scripts workspace.


          You can:


          Copy script steps in the scripts workspace and then paste them as new steps in the same script or as steps added to a different script.


          Copy text--such as a calculation that you can then paste into a dialog opened from the scripts workspace.




          You cannot copy/paste the following script step directly into the scripts workspace:


          Set Field [Table::Field ; Table::Field + 5]


          But if you open the scripts workspace and type in "SF" to add the set field step, you can then click the gear icon, open the dialog for the calculated result and paste "Table::Field + 5" into it as it's calculated result.


          Not at all ideal, but it's what you can do here.