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PSOS vs client script return different result

Question asked by AndyChong on Nov 14, 2016
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Recently I encounter this problem, I do simple find with script step to do a calculation, using Get(Foundcount) at the end of the script so that Exit script will pass me the result to store in another table field.



Parameter: "Product" & ¶ & "Location" & ¶ & "14/11/2016"

My Script: 


Set Error Capture [On]


set variable [$PARA;Get(ScriptParameter)]

set variable [$product;Getvalue($PARA;1)]

set variable [$location;Getvalue($PARA;2)]

set variable [$date;Getvalue($PARA;3)]


Go To Layout [Layout]

Enter Find Mode[]

Set Field[Date;$data]

Set Field[Location;$location]

Set Field[Product;$product]

Perform Find []

set varaible[$Found; Get(FoundCount)]

Exit Script [Result:$Found]


Runing on schedule and PSOS will give me a different result, while I run this script directly using perform script.