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    create new record in pop up message


      i have project layout and i need to create new record for person in the same layout he have just first name and last name

      how i can that


      project is a table

      and person is a table

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          If you don not provide more information, we either cannot provide assistance or we have to make guesses as to the details you did not share. If I had not recognized you from previous posts that touched on this issue, I would not have any clue as to what you are asking.


          I will guess that you have this relationship:

          Project::__pkProjectID = Person::_fkProjectID


          This could be a bad way to set up relationships, but I will use this to illustrate the basic concept:


          If you open a custom dialog with input fields or use a popover (I'd use a popover), with a text field for the person's name, you could do this:


          Make the text field for the person's name used in this dialog or popover a global text field.

          This script can then be run when you click a button in the custom dialog or popover:

          Set Variable [$ProjectID ; value: Project::__pkProjectID ]

          Go To Layout ["Person" (Person) ]
          New record/request

          Set Field [ Person::_fkProjectID ; $ProjectID ]

          Set Field [ Person::Name ; AnyTable::GlobalNameFieldHere]
          Go to Layout [Original Layout]


          This is the simplest method for creating a new record in Person that is also linked to the current Project record. There are other options that work better, but this is a simple, beginner level approach. To create such a record without changing layouts in the script, do a web search for the keywords: FileMaker MagicKey.


          And I suspect that you really need three tables, not two as I would guess that you need to assign the same person to more than one project and more than one person to any given project. If so, you have a many to many relationship and you need a join table between Project and Person to facilitate that many to many relationship.




          Projects::__pkProjectID = Project_Person::_fkProjectID

          Persons::__pkPersonID = Project_Person::_fkPersonID


          Every time you add a person to a project, you create a record i Project_Person to link the current project to the selected person.