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    Move to Filemaker Cloud redirect question


      We are considering moving to the Filemaker Cloud. We currently have over 1000 occasional users. Is there a way to use a redirect procedure to make the transition seamless to our users?


      So that our current address:  https://currentName.com/fmi/webd/#currentFileName

      Would take them to:          ourFileName.fmi.filemaker-cloud.com

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          Ideally you would just redirect the A record for currentName.com to your new server during a cutover, that way the new server would pick up the /fmi/webd#currentFileName and open appropriately.


          You can establish IIS redirects on the current server to point at the new server as well if you need, however if you're not going to use that server anymore, the domain level change is recommended rather than fiddling with IIS.


          Make sure to set your TTL for your DNS records to the lowest possible (usually 500 seconds), so that DNS changes go through quickly when you flip them.