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          Try the FieldNames function:


          FileMaker Pro 15 Help


          That, combined with the LayoutNames function (FileMaker Pro 15 Help) will allow you to fetch the same information. It's a bit more work, but it's doable.


          The security model was changed in version 7 to mirror more closely industry practice. Managing security through layouts is inherently insecure in today's world, and so a completely separate layer was created for security purposes.


          Remember also that versions 6 and earlier only permitted one table per file. Once that limitation was broken with the .fp7 format, the view in the old security dialog becomes impractical.


          If you upgrade to version 12 or higher, you can use ExecuteSQL to query the virtual table schema and find all the field names. Or, if you use the Advanced client, you can run a Database Design Report.

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            excellent suggestion by M_M! the Design functions don't seem to be used as much, but they still have some hidden gems.


            If you have FMPAdvanced, much of the OP's request can be be answered with the DDR (Database Design Report)

            * https://www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/documenting-schemas.html

            the XML output has more complete information, but the HTML output has handy hyperlinks to show you things like where a field is used.


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              Hmmmm... what computer do you have that would even run FM 4?  FYI, FM 11 has been deprecated by FileMaker and is no longer supported either.  I'm assuming this is a hobbyist database and not something really being used as a business solution because these versions are insecure and unstable on todays operating system.  One of the real challenges with very old software is that they were not designed for today's operating systems and their data and behavior can become unreliable.  In other words, I've seen someone prove to me a very old version of FM worked on Windows 10... but then found some data integrity issues and were not sure what was happening.  Just be careful to not be convinced that if the applications opens, it is running reliably. 


              If the data is not that important and neither is security, then go with what works and I understand if this is something you really don't want to spend any money on.  But if the data has value, you really should look to upgrading.  


              Some wonderful comments from Mike Mitchel and Beverly on how current versions of FM now work better. 


              I almost wish I could see a screen shot or two of what FM 4 looks like.  I piqued my interest for something I have seen in many many years!

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                You're correct!  You caught me!  I'm making this all up.


                Anyone with any sense knows that FM Pro 4 can't possibly run on any current and up to date machine or operating system, and I don't even own a copy of FM Pro 11.  Why would I even want to since you say it's been "deprecated by FileMaker".


                So with all due respect, I suggest you forget this post even exists and please waste not one second more of your valuable and extremely knowledgeable time.


                After all, I'm just a "hobbyist" and any simplistic database I could create is "not something really being used" anyway.

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                  Wow, should I prepare popcorn for everyone?

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                    Taylor was trying to give good advice.    Other users have no idea of your experience or what you use FM for.   It's not a good idea to use very old software with newer operating system.   Yes, it is your risk to take.    Would you put 40 year old tires on your one year old car?  You could and it may be Ok if you just drove 15 MPH, but if you are going to be driving 70+ MPH, I would suggest buying new tires.   Taylor was saying the same thing about FM.   I don't believe he meant any disrespect.  


                    I also recommend upgrading to FMP15.  FM is running a buy one get one free.  FileMaker Store: Purchase single licenses of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced.

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                      David Moyer


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                        My apologies on upsetting you.  It wasn't my intention, but still doesn't invalidate your frustration. 


                        Being a FM hobbyist is perfectly fine.   I was that for much longer than I've been a professional developer. 


                        We're here to help if you still want it. 

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                          I can't see the original question. All I see is "."

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                            you are correct, RickWhitelaw,  the topic is listed with some of the replies. OP could have edited the topic and question content to remove them after inappropriate comments were made. I believe the thread can still be deleted by OP.



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                              It appears you are a victim of the Version Police


                              Any mention of previous versions is frowned upon


                              My favorite is FileMaker 6.  Drop Dead simple !




                              > I suggest you forget this post even exists

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                                discouraged may be a better term. not because they are "old" version but more because it is less likely to find someone here to help because older versions on older machines are few and far between. Yet, even FMI has documentation back to FMPro 3:

                                so, I may answer based on what I can discover in the archive documentation (and a failing memory).


                                but, I advise my clients when I am no longer able to support a version due to OS limitations mostly.


                                what may have been lost in this thread - there is a method to update older files!


                                I hope trainsguy sticks around and ignores those inappropriate comments!


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                                  There are also some very serious security issues with the really old versions that need to be accounted for. We didn't have the problem with hackers 20 years ago that we do now.

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                                    David Moyer

                                    I hope my "confused" emoticon wasn't inappropriate.  I was truly confused - especially since the OP was deleted.