Best way to handle sub-projects

Discussion created by BMyers on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by philmodjunk

I am an intermediate user and nonprofessional developer.  I’m looking for some resources on methods to handle sub-projects.


Imagine a FileMaker application that has two tables: Projects and Tasks.  Each Project can have many Tasks (One to Many).   Certain Projects are complicated enough that I would like to be able to break them down into sub-projects.  (Projects are connected to Contacts and Document tables as well, but let’s leave them out for the sake of simplicity.)


The user interface would allow the user to choose a Project, and the display would show a list of sub-projects on the left and a list of Tasks on the right.  Yes, that means using some form of Master-Detail but let's leave that complication out of the discussion for the moment.


There is nothing in the FileMaker manual about this, and the Missing Manual doesn’t mention sub-projects either.  There is very little on the web about it but I found one discussion in FMForums that advised to put sub-projects in the Projects table and do a self-join. I see the advantage is that this makes displaying Tasks easier (one TO of Projects, one TO of Tasks).  On the other hand, the Projects table will be be cluttered with sub-projects although I don’t know if that matters much. 


What I’m looking for are any articles or resources that anyone might suggest that would show best practices, methods, and the pros/cons.