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    Tabs In List View



      I am fairly new to FileMaker and I have designed an Inventory Management DB.

      In one of my layouts, I have a list of the current inventory.

      The layout is configured as a List View layout.

      I have 2 Groups of multiple tabs which show details of the item being viewed.


      One thing I have noticed is when I switch tabs on the selected record, ALL of the tabs in the list also switch.


      e.g. If I have 3 Tabs: Info, Details, and Notes

      If I switch to the Details Tab, the rest of the records in the list view also switch to the Details Tab.


      Is there a way to make sure that only the record I am viewing in the List View switches tabs?


      Thank you all for your help.



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          to do that, you would need to use Form View, not list view. Tab controls just aren't designed to work well in typical list views.


          How are you using tabs in that list view? There may be an alternative approach to get the same results without using a tab control.

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            Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 1.25.48 PM.png


            As you can see in the image above, there are multiple tabs. Each tab shows details for that particular item.

            Other than just showing basic information, and having the user select the item for further details, what other ways can this be done?



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              Yet what you show looks like a form view rather than list view--especially given the navigation buttons shown.


              Why is it necessary to use form view for this?


              List Views more often than not (and there definitely are exceptions) present rows of data to the user in a tabular format where each row of data is a different record. That does not look like what you have here.

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                That's because the image was in layout mode and not browse mode. The below image is what it looks like in browse mode.


                Thanks again.

                Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 1.34.07 PM.png

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                  It wasn't just the layout mode. You also show navigation buttons in that first screen shot that seem typical of a form view and not much use in list view--where you can scroll the window instead of clicking buttons to move from record to record.


                  The only workable option that I can think of would be to use different rectangle objects that would use "hide object when" expressions that include a reference to both a variable (that a button can update to show different "panels"), and the record's primary key field (to keep visibility options from changing for other records in the found set).


                  And I'm not totally sure that would work. I'd have to test it myself to be sure...

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                    You are right. I removed the navigation panel at the bottom. This has been an ongoing project and I have probably changed the way the layout was design a few times already.


                    I will see about the option you mentioned. I can also probably take a step back and show less details, that way the user can select an item and view the details in a Form View type of layout where I can use the Tabs more appropriately.


                    Thanks again Phil. Appreciate your time.

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                      You might place the tab control inside the panel of a popover button that they click to "see more details" or even one such popover in place of each tab panel.

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                        Since you are new to FM I assume you are using a recent version, so you might also like to try out using some popovers, perhaps even putting a slide control on a popover. These are a convenient way to reveal additional record detail without consuming screen space. In that sense they are better than Tab controls, which do take up space. See the attached demo file.

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                          Thank you both for your responses.


                          I appreciate it.