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Hosted databases are not responding

Question asked by aanshi on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by sibrcode

We have two FileMaker Servers(15) where 75 users are there.


On Server A, 35 files are hosted and total size - 16.1 GB. Server configuration , Windows server 2012 R2 46.9 GB RAM with Xeon CPU @2.40GHZ(3 processors)


On Server B, 35 files are hosted and total sized of db is 15.4 GB. Server configuration, Windows Server 2012 R2,10.4 GB RAM with Xeon CPU @1.80 GHZ


Server A's database archived and Hosted on Server B When I have performed find on one of the server A 's database , it shows Coffee cup for the hours. So at the end I need to Restart the Server A everyone. Any idea what's wrong here ? Do you think is it because of server configuration or database is corrupted ? Please do needful. Many Thanks.