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    Hosted databases are not responding


      We have two FileMaker Servers(15) where 75 users are there.


      On Server A, 35 files are hosted and total size - 16.1 GB. Server configuration , Windows server 2012 R2 46.9 GB RAM with Xeon CPU @2.40GHZ(3 processors)


      On Server B, 35 files are hosted and total sized of db is 15.4 GB. Server configuration, Windows Server 2012 R2,10.4 GB RAM with Xeon CPU @1.80 GHZ


      Server A's database archived and Hosted on Server B When I have performed find on one of the server A 's database , it shows Coffee cup for the hours. So at the end I need to Restart the Server A everyone. Any idea what's wrong here ? Do you think is it because of server configuration or database is corrupted ? Please do needful. Many Thanks.

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          Johan Hedman

          Do you have anything of following running on that machine

               Local indexing

               Anti Virus software running on live databases

               Backups running on live databases


          Is the computer a dedicated FMS or do you have other big programs on that computer like Exchange/Web/etc ?

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            Both server are dedicates to the FMS. There are no anti virus on this machine. On Server A ,there are 2 back up schedulers one is taking hourly and another one is by end of the day. When database was not responding that time scheduler was not running. Could you elaborate local indexing please ? We have normally added index on very frequently used parameters. 

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              Johan Hedman

              On Windows you can let the operation system index your hard drive to make it faster to search on. This is not good at all for FileMaker Databases. Never do that on a on FileMaker Server machine, but if you really need make sure to exclude FM folders.


              Backups run by FMS is no problem, I meant if you had backups running on that machine not run by FMS. If you have that, you need to exclude folders where FMS is running, especially where you keep your live databases

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                The hourly backups during live load will really hit your performance.  You should stop the hourly backups and instead replace them with Progressive Backups.  That will give you a lot better performance.  Keep the daily one running off hours.  Actually, I usually run a daily, a weekly and a monthly and keep 4 of each so I have a good history and I do all of these during the night. 


                When you archive to B's server, I hope you are not copying live FM files from A. 


                If you really need to sync servers, why not get a solution designed for it:  360Works Mirror Sync.  That will synchronize your two files with minimal processing and bandwidth. 

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                  This won't fully answer your question, but will help verify that it is really a disk issue, and possibly better understand the cause.


                  If you haven't already, enable Usage Statistics Logging in FileMaker Server (Database Server: Logging).


                  When the event occurs, check back on the logs. You'll have to open them directly (Programs/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Logs/Stats.log).


                  The next to the next-to-last column is I/O Time/call. If this is going above 500 for more than a few intervals your FileMaker clients are being noticeably impacted due to slow disk access. However, if the numbers are going up elsewhere, then network or CPU might be constraining access.


                  Although now a bit dated, I still find the post by Brian Dunning (Solving Performance Emergencies with FileMaker Server) the best reference on the stats log values.



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                    I checked the logs , hourly scheduler takes 1 mins 30 sec to take back up.


                    There is one db where there are 9618946  records . Do you think this causing issue ?

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                      The wait times in the stats will tell you more definitively, but while a database is being backed up users will not be able to write out (commit) any changes to the database. As Taylor said, using progressive backups with an interval set to an hour would definitely reduce hourly slowness your users may be seeing. But those stalls shouldn't last for more than a minute or two.


                      BTW, are you possibly doing a find on an unstored calculation field? That can be very slow, and might explain why you are getting the coffee cup icon.