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Discussion created by sfpx on Nov 16, 2016
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I understand that it's not a supported feature but I'm getting desperate for ideas/solutions.


We're trying to code a framework embedded in the FIAS app that sends gps data to the app/database every x seconds (using the app url scheme)


It works perfectly except that it will hang sometimes when the user clicks on a button (at the same time the data is being sent to the app...so we're guessing anyway.) When it hangs we get the spinning animation forever without any other choice than quitting the app.




-The button script and the script called by the framework are irrelevant. The freeze will happen with simple scripts that only set a local variable.


-It will not freeze without any user interaction. Data will be received by the database just fine.


-We eliminated the gps tracking from the equation by trying a simple timer that will send a simple text to the app every 5 seconds. Still hangs occasionally when a user clicks on a button.


-We tried everything (dispatch_async to main queue, to different global queues...dispatch_after etc..)


-With the sdk 14 we had a webviewer with a javascript that was doing basically the same thing than the framework (sending the data using the url scheme) and it never froze the app.


-When it hangs we get different behaviors on the sdk 14 and the sdk 15

-On sdk14, we have to actually end the task to be able to "unfreeze" the app

-On sdk15 , hitting the home button and coming back to the app will unfreeze it


-When the freeze happen, the framework is still running and still dispatch data every x seconds


And finally...

It will freeze on the following devices (Iphone 6, Iphone 6s, Ipad 4, Ipad Mini 2) but NOT on an Iphone 5 and Ipod 6


If anyone has any idea...