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    Mouse Wheel behavior removal


      Earlier today, I started a discussion that the mouse wheel behavior of scrolling through records has been removed in FM Pro 15.

      I am quite surprised to learn that FM removed this behavior because some users were changing the wrong record by mistakingly turning the mouse wheel.

      While I do understand that the wheel behavior poses some problem to some, I am sure there are others like me that do like this behavior. It is a time saver for me and many users in my group.

      But what really surprises me is the so easy willingness on the part of FM development team to just take away features, behaviors and etc. without much thought for those customers that have used them for a long time.

      A fellow community person suggested that this should have been a preference setting in FM. I totally agree. So why don't we encourage FM engineers to request for ideas from users before taking away features and behaviors? This approach will be better than acting as an authoritarian ruler that just does things without regard for the people or the customers in this case.

      May be FileMaker is becoming an Autocrat.

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          Thank you for your post!


          The documentation for this is Behavior changes in FileMaker Pro 15. The documentation states the change was made to match OS X behavior.


          There are a few posts in the Product Ideas Space about this. turning on scroll wheel navigation as an option seems to be a popular topic.


          I am also going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space, which is specifically for input on the Community itself, to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more feedback on this topic!



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            So why don't we encourage FM engineers to request for ideas from users before taking away features and behaviors?

            They do and they did. From what I can tell from what we used to see here in the forum, it was multiple requests by users to change this behavior that was the reason that they made this change.

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              that is my assessment as well, Phil! the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the one. LOL.

              all we are asking now is for a choice to use OR not use the mouse wheel.



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                If you can succinctly quote Mr. Spock, Logic will dictate that you are a fellow Trekkie.

                Live long and prosper.

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                  When you say scroll through records, are you referring to a list view or form view?  In FileMaker,  if I am on a list view, having the mouse hover over the record selection arrows ( upper left of status bar ) and scrolling does nothing.  If I am in form view,  it does scroll through the records in the found set.


                  This is on a Mac Book Pro running OS X 10.10.5.

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                    If you hover over the record selector, and scroll, it should still scroll the records.


                    From a developer stand point, that behavior is the cause a lot of data integrity issues. Ones that can't be rolled back easily, if at all. I have personally wasted untold hours tracking down data because users scrolled their mouse wheel and didn't see the record change.


                    A long time ago, I began hiding and locking the toolbar, just because of that issue. If the data is mission critical, we had to impose a convenience limitation. It was necessary.


                    I get where you are at. I'm not at a point where I agree enough to ask for FMI to burn development cycles on it. Since the cycles are limited, there are other items I see as far more critical. But that shouldn't stop you from posting or contributing to a new product idea to make it an option.