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    FileMaker 15 Advanced Software Update


      Do not know if this has been mentioned.


      When doing a "check for updates...." it shows that the latest version is installed but still says that an update is available.


      Make you go 'Hmmmmm......'


      The attachment says it all.




      Gerard Beutler

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          Testing and Development is aware of a update notification issue, usually when multiple copies if FileMaker Pro are installed. If the version is up to date, you can disregard the update.


          This issue might be resolved on Mac OS X by removing the com.filemaker.client.pro12.plist file in the "[User account] -> Library -> Preferences" folder.


          On Windows, remove the FileMaker Folders located at:




          Additionally, I will add you to the original report and post back here when further information is available.



          FileMaker, Inc.