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Discussion created by Jean-Francois on Nov 16, 2016
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I have a situation that I can't find a solution, I need to find out if user are connected locally on the network or they are connect remotely.


I used a similar calculation is the custom function

FileMaker Custom Function:UserOnSameNetworkAsServer ( )


As I wronte in the comments, it's not working when the other user's network he's connected to use the same IP range, and 192.168.1 is the most commun of all.


I created a scipt that open scanned JPG/PDF on the network and it open them using openURL, so the user will see the JPG or PDF with is defined apps.

When I use the FMGo I can easely use device detection and IP range is way different.


So localy I have file://...networkpath/xyz.jpg

with FMGo I have a Webviewer that connect to our fixed IP address and on the server I have installed a software called HFS that open to the net some folders

URL in the webviewer


So that's working fine, unless employee connect to the database with is PC or Laptop at home and have the same IP range as we have at the office.

the script will think it's local and openurl with file:// command is not working as the network drive is not there.


Setup a VPN for the user to connect as it was local... not in my plans right now.


Any other solution to find if user is local or remote.


Thank you