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Crazy Web direct behavior

Question asked by hankshrier on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by hankshrier

I use a number of popovers in a web direct solution.  When a popover opens via a button, the button that is used to close the popover works perfectly.  When the SAME POPOVER is opened via a script that creates a new record in a related table, the script that closes the popover Does not work.    What is strange is that the same script works perfectly accessing the same file using FileMaker Pro.

I just tried accessing the solution using Chrome from my Mac.   The same "Hanging Script" refuses to work. on the layout


When access any other button on the layout, the "hanging Popover closes.  When Ii reopen the sticky  popover using the button that opens it, the closing script works.  This is nuts. You can send me an email to gain access to the web direct solution.