LiveCode for FileMaker

Discussion created by IanRenwick on Nov 16, 2016
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Some of you, like me, may be old enough to remember Hypercard which was an free application that came with the first Macintosh computers. As a teacher I found this a simple programming environment to use with students. LiveCode is a mature development from the original HyperCard and runs on all major operating and iOS systems.

I've been playing around with LiveCode - more off than on - for a few years and have watched it continue to evolve. So I was very excited to receive an email today announcing LiveCode for FileMaker (beta). At this stage you need a Mac and FM v15 but they will be releasing it for Windows soon.

I've downloaded it and had my first play. Knowing the rich development environment that LiveCode offers, it has got my mind spinning....


https://filemaker.livecode.com/?utm_source=Livecode&utm_campaign=6cf30f2fa2-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2016_11_15&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_20838f6df2-6cf30f2fa2-35078421LiveCode for FM – Two Worlds. Infinite Possibilities.