Server and Client Showing Different Data for Same Record

Discussion created by mperley on Nov 16, 2016
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I have a bot running on a server whose only purpose is to import data in an old Visual FoxPro database (everyone else uses a Mac). For some tables it's rather easy to identify records that have changed and only import those, but every once in a while it's necessary to do a complete purge and re-import (thank you, FMP 15, for Truncate Table). I'm using an onRecordLoad script trigger to fire off these imports from one client to the bot, once the import is run, the bot uses an onRecordLoad script to communicate back to the initiating client to signal that the import is finished.


All of this works great for small datasets, however things seem to be breaking down when I'm doing a clean sweep of the FoxPro data (about 10 tables, most with only a few thousand records but two that have 30,000 - 500,000. After these larger imports, the onRecordLoad script trigger no longer fires on the client. In reality, no additional changes made by the bot are getting pushed to the client. The only way I can get changes to start pushing back and forth again is if I close the file and FMP on the client machine. Has anyone else run into this issue and found a way around it?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.