Summary fields exclusions

Discussion created by MikeWile on Nov 17, 2016
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I have a report with Employees, Department, Business Unit, Date, Hours. What I have so far is: I search for employees within a date range and Department 1. Then I extend the search to employees within the same date range that are in Department 2. My problem is I want to show only employees from this list that have SOME items check in the Business Unit. I need their total hours worked so I can't constrain the field for * in the Business Unit field. How can I show only employees in a date range from 2 departments with SOME items in the Business Unit checked.


Right now the report just shows everyone that fulfills my search but it shows some employees with no items in the Business Unit. What I'm actually trying to achieve is a report of employees with some time in the Business Unit and a summary of ALL hours worked in the date range so I can calculate the percentage of time spent in the Business Unit from their total hours.