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    Deskspace CMS - the web-site builder v3 - released


      You can now download the new OSX version of Deskspace CMS - the web-site builder v3 from http://deskspace.com.



      The web-site provides information about the new version of the App.


      http://deskspace.com/features_version3.html details the main new features added in this version.


      The Windows version will be available in a few days time.


      Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.


      Cheers, Nick


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          Just to clarify what this App does for the FileMaker Developers amongst you:


          It creates static sites only, nothing dynamic.

          The App does not host the website, it merely creates the css/html, it does not act as a database except for the data used to create the webpages.

          So it leverages Filemaker's amazing efficiency in text manipulation but only uses its database ability to a very limited extent.

          It automatically creates a hosted website on our server, assuming the user is on OS X and has an internet connection.

          The Windows version will follow suit soon.


          Cheers, Nick

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            Thank you for the clarification, Nick. I haven't peeked under the hood for this particular solution, but wanted to add that I have been storing data in FileMaker for export as HTML, CSS (& even JS) for a long time. It should be pointed out that these Web Technologies are TEXT documents with the special formatting (tagging, structure) that web browsers can automagically turn into static web pages!

            I had several sites created this way, including DigFM when I was the web maven in the early days. The method was part of my DevCon presos long ago. 

            I also use this method (static content exported from FM) for parts of dynamic sites that don't change or change infrequently. AJAX (the text code calling JS calling the database) can be used to update the parts of the static page that may change more frequently.

            I use this method to store HMTL in the database for calling in FM web viewer (no web server needed) for static bits that are needing that kind of presentation.


            Let's see if it gets people to think "inside the box" for Web & FM.


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              Hi Beverly, thanks for sharing your experience with this technique. In view of your long experience in using FM for this type of thing I should be honoured if you would did take a quick look at what I have created?


              But just wait a day or two!


              If I may, I will let you know when the next iteration is ready, very soon, I hope. Having concluded all the engineering and released it, I am now removing as much of the Ui as possible to simplify the user experience down to the core purpose of editing web pages, and this is nearly done.


              So v3.1 will be out soon.


              Thanks,  again for your input always very much appreciated


              Cheers, Nick

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                I shall wait. Perhaps between stuffing (the turkey & myself), i will have time to play with this.