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    Add information from a portal


      Good Morning,


      How i am setup:


      I set up a button with popover on my invoice layout.

      On this popover i have a portal with contact information. (Company, Name, Address, Customer ID, etc)


      Now i would like to set up an script, where we click one portal row, and then it adds the information from that portal row, onto the invoice.


      I hope you can help me,


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          One step can do it:


          Set Field [Invoice::CustomerID ; Portal::Customer ID ]


          Either place a transparent button in your portal row that covers the entire row or group all of your portal row fields into a button to perform the above script.


          Note: Most businesses want a copy of the customer info recorded in their invoice so that future changes in customer contact info don't alter previous invoices. Once you've set a customer ID field to the correct value other fields in Invoice can use auto-enter field options (either looked up value or the calculation option) to copy over the customer name and contact info.