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    I am unable to edit my scripts in Script Workspace - FM14 Pro Advanced 14.0.6


      Checked through previous discussions around Script Workspace crashing or hanging but it looks like the problem I'm experiencing may be different.


      Only started recently (2-3 weeks ago) and each time the scenario or issue seems to be slightly different.


      Initially when I opened the Script Workspace and tried to edit a script the editor opened but while editing the script FM14 hung. On another occasion I tried to access the workspace via File>Manage>  and the only option that was highlighted was Scripts (others were grayed out). Clicking on Scripts nothing happened. On  a further occasion I again tried File>Manage>Scripts, this time all options were  available but still nothing.


      Now when I try to to open the script workspace nothing happens. No messages, no activity.


      I've re-installed FM14 and upgraded from Windows 10 Home to W10 Pro.


      I've tried this on a local copy of a databse as well as a database on the server, accessing it via my FM14 on my PC. When I open the database on the server using FM14 Server no problem I can edit and save scripts.


      Pulling out my hair, whats left of it....


      Any suggestions would be most welcomed.?