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Slow Typing in FileMaker Pro 13 and Sierra 10.12.1

Question asked by disabled_IowaFMGuy on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by user17187

Recently upgrade a user to a new iMac, 512SSD, 16GB ram, Sierra 10.12.1. Server is a MacPro 1TB SSD, 128GB Ram. Approximately 25 users on system with wired gigabit ethernet, all but this user is fine. This user was fine until the new machine was installed yesterday. FileMaker itself is fine with the exception of typing in fields where it lags, getting worse with time. Restart of FM makes it better, but then gets worse. Cache setting is at 512MB. User is running same programs she always has, Mail, FireFox, FileMaker. Actually switched two users yesterday, the other user is fine, just this one having issues. Restarted computer, updated FM 13 and OS to latest release with no better results. Any ideas what I might be missing here?