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How to stop Error: File cannot be opened ( what triggers this ? )

Question asked by ScottBleackley on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

Hybrid offline Sync, & online server only storage for FMGo database


Most of the FMGo db collects data in the field ( off-line ) and then syncs to a remote database ( when on-line again ) only when a sync button is selected.  I should note that even though the server component of this db is an external datasource I do not see and error on startup of FMGo db as I do with my external server based Photos db.  However the server external file has no fields displayed on any layout, while external photo db does.


This db includes large, high resolution, photographs.  These are too big to store with the database locally on FMGo

so container fields are wired directly to an external server based Photos DB.  This works great when we are online, showing a nice thumbnail

and recovering the remote file for viewing as required.  Photo is saved only on the Photos db on the server.


However, when we are off-line opening the FMGo database results in the perfectly reasonable Error  "external photo fm db

cannot be opened".  In this case the warning is not desired. 


What causes the generation of this Error ?

How to turn "Cannot open file" Error off ? 

How to identify if we are online or not ?


I thought perhaps if I could somehow identify if FMGo was online or not, then make the external container fields hide when FMGo was off-line perhaps it might both stop the error messages, and indicate to the user that photos could not be inserted while in the field and offline.   Sadly this does not appear to work Error message still comes up.


Any Suggestions are most welcome,

Thank you,