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    runtime solution


      Hi there,


      I tried to make a runtime solution to use it on my iPad, but the generated file is too large to be sent via email. How to reduce the size of the resulted runtime file on filemaker?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Delete records?

          Use smaller images?

          Save a compressed clone?

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            "Runtime" is not needed on iPad. the FMGo is the 'player' that will open the files (database) as is. I would expect that a solution bound with FMPAdvanced would not run on iPad. FMGo would be needed to open the database(s).

            or perhaps we have the terms incorrectly used here?


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              There is no need to reduce the file size.


              To transfer large solution files to the iPad:

              -from a Mac use:

              • AirDrop
              • iCloud Drive
              - from a Mac or PC use:
              • iTunes
              • DropBox
              The FileMaker Go app on the iPad can open either your solution file (.fmp12) or runtime  file (.fmpur).
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                As per Jade, ... just more details:


                You may have to install your favorite Cloud drive to your desktop. I have the ones below.


                1) From desktop/laptop copy / send / transfer large file ( .fmp12 or .fmpur ) to:  iCloud Drive, or Dropbox, or Google Drive, or One Drive.

                2) From FM Go, tap to Device panel, then tap on download icon on iPhone at top left ( folder with down arrow ), find it on iPad, then tap Locations, then select drive, then select FM file.

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                  Dear roulf,Jade,beverly and Christian,


                  Thanks so much for your valuable replies.



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                    There is not a runtime for FMGo.    The .fmpur is a fmp12 with a different file extension.   FMGo is the runtime for ios devices.    The .fmpur file can be opened in FM just like a fmp12 file can be.   The other files (beside) the .fmpur file is useless on the ios devices, and it really is point to create a runtime for FMGo. 



                    You can create an app using the ios SDK App for your ios device, which is basically a runtime version of FMGo.

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                      Hi schamblee,

                      Thanks for your reply, I'll try to use it.