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Radio button filter based on data NOT captured yet

Question asked by Jtmwalk on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by RubenVanDenBoogaard

Hello all -

I have searched the forum looking for examples to point me in a direction, and I must be overlooking something very obvious.

FM ProAdv 15.0.1


I have a main user layout table to capture data for each employee. (Input_Layout)

I have a separate table (Doc_Layout) that contains a single record for each specific document name required for every employee to have on file.   We update this table list as additional documents become required.


On the main user layout, when creating a new record, I have a radio button set displaying all the required documents names for user to select one, and proceed through the form to complete additional information.  Once this form is completed, I have a portal set up tied directly to the employee number, and filtered to only show  documents currently on file for this employee.  This works well.


Here is what I am looking to accomplish.

When entering a NEW record, and once we enter the employee number to the record, a way to have the radio button set to show ONLY the document names required that are NOT already on file from the (Doc_Layout) for this specific employee:

Required Documents - Documents assigned to this employee  = Radio Button Set data available to click.


Is this something that can be done in FM?

Thank you all for your help and any suggestions.