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Calculating RT/OT/DT on weekly time

Question asked by user28271 on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2016 by taylorsharpe

I am struggling a time card system and it is such a common need I assume someone has dealt with it before me.  This client want time card hour parsed to Rt/Ot/Dt based on hour work.


To my surprise all the templates I find online parse RT/OT/DT based what time of day someone worked. 


I have a system with a standard weekly time card. 


People clock in and then then clock out and I extract the total hour they worked for that day.  Easy.


Then come all the rules that are both daily and weekly.


Hours 1 - 8 are RT

Hours 8 - 12 are OT

Hours 12 and beyond are DT


this too is easy.


Then comes the weekly consideration.


Once they reach 40 RT hours they go straight to OT (such as working a full week then working Saturday)




If they work all 7 days they go straight to DT regardless show many hour they work.


So... who can help me? 


One bottle of your favorite drink shipped to the home of the one who solves my problem.