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Let Function Confusion

Question asked by srbenet on Nov 18, 2016
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Hi All,


We have a GO App that runs on iPhone and iPad, it has but one function and that is to gather email addresses from our customers. A customer simply enters their email address into a single field and it emails the address to our email server, initially Outlook. the email we receive looks like the following:

My Business

By submitting, I agree to receiving email/s.



Sent from my iPhone


The variables are the email address first line and the business name in this case My Business, each franchise has a different name and this is set in the variable script that sends the email. The line breaks/returns are consistent with the device adding the "Sent from my iPhone/iPad" and a trailing line break/return after the last line automatically.


We then have a scheduled server script that extracts the two pieces of information from Outlook into an FM database the field is called body, we then have several calculations that extract the email address into a field called RB-06_Email and the business name into a field called RB_07_Source.


I have struggled with creating a let field that will perform this in one or two actions, one for each line? Before going down the calculation route, have searched for a custom function that may do it but that has not been successful either; any help in resolving would be greatly appreciated as we are about the move from using Outlook to a SMTP/POP plugin option and updating this would great.