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How to make a script to constrain records without user input?

Question asked by Hi_Fi_Guy on Nov 20, 2016
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Here is a question hopefully someone will have a solution for. I'm volunteer help on a university project and we have no FMP Professionals to turn to.


There is a sort of parent & child situation with 1 main table and 16 child tables. There are 16 forms (layouts) all connected to the parent table. Each form is used to collect a specific bit of data. There are shared parameters among the 16 forms, these are written to the parent table. There are specific parameters for each of the 16 forms which are written to ONLY ONE of the child tables. Form 1 writes to child table 1, Form 2 writes to child table 2, etc.


The problem is when looking back on past records each of the 16 forms will show ALL records, not just the records specific to that form.


The question is this, Is there a way to auto perform some sort of script when the layout loads that would constrain the visible records to ONLY those that were created with that form (in the same category in a sense)?


I'm not familiar with scripting and as I look through the online resources it looks like it should be possible but honestly I do not know where to start.


Thanks in advance for any and all possible solutions and guidance.