Difficulties with search !!

Discussion created by bertrand on Nov 20, 2016
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I have search all day long how to solve this problem and can't find a solution.

A table with 12 fields, I want to use 4 of theese fields to search records  :

- one text for name of layout,

- one text for tap in the layout,

- one numeric for a row number

- one numeric for a column number


When I use only the tap, row and column value to make a request, I receive a good collection.


When I use name of layout field alone or with the three other fields, I receive an error.


I think I've examined all possibilities and can find the good solution. I must make the request with 4 fields to extract from this table normally a unique record and the good one. I don't still think that's a bug, I've the same result in FMP Adv 13, 14 and 15


If you can find a solution, this will be great.