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    Difficulties with search !!




      I have search all day long how to solve this problem and can't find a solution.

      A table with 12 fields, I want to use 4 of theese fields to search records  :

      - one text for name of layout,

      - one text for tap in the layout,

      - one numeric for a row number

      - one numeric for a column number


      When I use only the tap, row and column value to make a request, I receive a good collection.


      When I use name of layout field alone or with the three other fields, I receive an error.


      I think I've examined all possibilities and can find the good solution. I must make the request with 4 fields to extract from this table normally a unique record and the good one. I don't still think that's a bug, I've the same result in FMP Adv 13, 14 and 15


      If you can find a solution, this will be great. 



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          Your search parameters make no sense. To me anyway. Text for layout name? A find is based on a layout or rather the underlying table. No need to search for it. Text for tap? What's that mean? You don't search for a row or column number. Perhaps a little clarification will serve to get you some help.

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            I perhaps badly expressed myself.


            This table is done to identify a button on a layout, a tap in this layout at the position row/column.

            When a button is selected, a script search in the table which actions must be done.

            All buttons in layout and tap run this sripts and following the table the script can launch a script, with or without parameters if the buttons is enabled and authorized.

            To choose what to do, I must know from which layout, from which tap in this layout, from which row and from which column, the button was pushed.

            Modifying the table, I can modify the role of each button without having to modify the layouts and taps on layout. When description is empty for example, the button is hidden and inactive.


            You can consider that I search for 2 strings and 2 numbers in a layout. When fixing the first field with a string with or without the three other fields I got an error. When searching with only the three other fields, I get a collection.


            Why it's work with 3 fields and not with 4 fields ?

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              Your file seems corrupted. "View Index" and "Show individual words" on the field showed nothing. After recovery, the log says "Recover built a new database without detecting any problems." but now new file shows words.

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                Hello user19752


                I actually forgot to check this point because I had removed the index on these fields, makes a test and set again the index but that doesn't solved the problem.

                I use Recover with the complete database and logs said "There was problems with checkup of this database. Don't use this recovered database but copy the most recent datas in an old copy."


                Who is right ?


                Thank you for this help. I have an empty copy of this database. I'll check this empty copy and fill if with operational datas from the one of my client.

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                  For you RickWhitelaw,


                  A little drawing of my main menu page which was created in FM 7 and modifiy to run till FM14.


                  If bar-menu in FM15 where not so elastic, I'll use it now in FM 15. When you hide a button in a bar-menu, the other buttons grow higher or wider and the effect is not fluent.


                  Hope that's help you to see what I want to do.




                  Each customer can have its characteristic table and access what he wants. In this figure up, 4 buttons (row 2 - col 2, row 3 - col 2, row 4 - col 2 and row 4 - col 3) are hidden but exist to do other task. The statistics tap can contain from 1 to 30 buttons.