Error, Filemaker crashes on too long formulas in WorkSpace

Discussion created by user9826 on Nov 20, 2016
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Using Windows 10, Filemaker Pro Adv 32 bits


When I scroll into a script (also in Debug) and the description is longer than Workspace can show in his window, FMPA crashes completely when my mouse turns over such a long formula.

It has to open a tooltip and I think it is crashing on that.


I have had it before on FMPA version 14.

A short time no problems on version 15, but it is happening again.


This problem is on both my Windows computers.

The second computer is not often used for programming in Filemaker, but a test gave me the same result.


It is really a problem for me... crashes causes damaged files. It happens me several times each hour.


Can you help me?