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    Script editing slowed down


      Undo feature in script manager is a really good one, but modifying a script is now much slower, isn't it ?

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          Johan Hedman

          Compered to what?

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            Markus Schneider

            if there are some scriptwindows open, the data-viewer, eventually the debugger... it's dramatically slow. This is a known issue, there are reports fro that

            Further on, the type-maccano is not stable, it's depending on where the focus is (in the line). Sometimes one overwrites a formula when hitting return and typing the first few letters for a new scriptstep


            it's driving one mad. While we are working on a migration from 11 to 15 (Windows, Mac is better - a bit), we use the debugger under 11...


            Just for comparision: When scriptworkspace with dataviewer is open, running a complex script in the debugger takes 10 minutes instead of a couple of seconds...


            Endusers are not affected - but mistakes happen when developing )-: