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How can I get an xls or csv file into FM Go 15

Question asked by dsimonson on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by warfadoc

My understanding is that you cannot import anything but fmp12 files into FM Go. 


My solution needs that ability.  And let me say, I am all about FM making profits - I believe in the company and want to see it prosper.  That said, I am creating an anesthesia EMR solution that needs to be able to import basic patient data from an xls file created by the clinic secretary, such as a surgical schedule. 


Some of the ideas I had that I would appreciate comments on:


1.  Putting the xls file up on a secure website as html, then accessing it through "Open URL" from within a LET statement that allows the data to be parsed into a waiting table


2.  Sending the xls file as an html file to a DropBox folder, then using Open URL to open it as above.


Any other ideas?  TIA