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    How can I get an xls or csv file into FM Go 15


      My understanding is that you cannot import anything but fmp12 files into FM Go. 


      My solution needs that ability.  And let me say, I am all about FM making profits - I believe in the company and want to see it prosper.  That said, I am creating an anesthesia EMR solution that needs to be able to import basic patient data from an xls file created by the clinic secretary, such as a surgical schedule. 


      Some of the ideas I had that I would appreciate comments on:


      1.  Putting the xls file up on a secure website as html, then accessing it through "Open URL" from within a LET statement that allows the data to be parsed into a waiting table


      2.  Sending the xls file as an html file to a DropBox folder, then using Open URL to open it as above.


      Any other ideas?  TIA

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          Can you do the import on FMS? This might give you more options and be easier.


          You should be very careful with any sort of patient data.

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            I'm with bigtom, if you have server around, it makes this easier.


            Otherwise, could you incorporate FMPro into the workflow.

            FMPro will open .xls and .xlst and generate an FMP file.

            FMPro  can handle recurring imports, which would grab updated data from an .xlst file.

            FMPro can output FMP12.


            A simple data file could be the intermediary. A startup script could be created which managed the entire process. You clinic secretary might only need to double click the file icon then wait a minute while the data transformation was performed. It could output the data as FMPro.

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              Importing csv files is / can be performed in FM Go relatively easy.


              1) Import the .csv file to a Container field,

              2) Export Container field to Temp folder.

              3) Insert from URL - from Temp folder to a Text field.

              4) Parse from Text field to records in a Table with columns ( a custom function can facilitate the csv parsing ).


              In Attached (works in OS X, Windows, and iOS) file you can import a csv file, and it will be parsed to a table. So Export your xls file to csv, try.

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                Ok - I'll give it a try and report back.  Thanks!

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                  It worked flawlessly!  First I downloaded your solution to FM Go, then I downloaded an example .csv file.  I opened your solution, tapped on the "Import File" button, and there was the csv file!


                  This is just wonderful.  My "alpha" testers have been complaining bitterly about having to re-enter patient demographic data - now all they will have to do is tap a button.  Marvelous.


                  For those of you concerned about the security, this will take place via DropBox folders using DropBox "Business" accounts where both sides of the transaction, as well as DropBox, have signed "BAAs" (Business Associate Agreements).  HIPAA compliant.

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                    dsimonson, good it works for you. Remember, your can always add more fields to the table, “CSV Data”. …. and remember there is a custom function in the solution. There are lots of Custom Functions here:   http://www.briandunning.com/filemaker-custom-functions/


                    That FM solution, on “Import File” replaces all data. It should be relatively easy for you to customize for appending new csv file records to the “Data Table” instead of replacing.  Probably the easiest way, is too remove the “Delete All Records” step in the script “Get csv Row Rec”; or, replace it with a condition (Show Custom Dialog) giving the choice to append or delete.

                    You will likely also have to remove the step “Set Next Serial Value”, probably replace with “Go to Record/RequestPage [Last]”.



                    ….. And you seem to have security thought out.