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Portal resets in Web Direct when trying to scroll through???

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Nov 21, 2016

I'm using Todd Geist's MasterDetail2.0 ( . It involves hyperlist use. And has a portal on the left side bar that shows records. I've modded it to function with Web Direct for the search bar and the record selection but I'm getting this weird glitch. I'm showing 1000 records and when I scroll down the portal passed the initial 15 or so shown, the portal shows that it is cycling through further along records but as soon as I stop scrolling, the portal resets to the very top of the list (records). Anybody ever have this situation happen to them? Is it possible to have something triggered by the portal scroll? A sort that may be messing with staying on a portal area? I've never seen this before but am also new to Web Direct. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!