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    Type ahead field selection fails when changing context?


      Hi,  not sure if this is a bug or not.  I am in the process of building version 2 of a complex database.  I imported the original table definition and am in the process of updating field formulas.  Probably because I changed the name of the table occurrence in the relationship graph as a first step many of the more complex formulas start with a context of <unknown>.


      I change the context to the base table name and all of the fields appear in the list on the left.  If in a Let statement I add x = and start to type a field name,  the type ahead field selection fails for local fields.


      If I leave the original formula commented out ( between /* and */ ) click ok and then open the edit formula screen again,  remove the /* and then try to add a line x = and as soon as I type the first character of a field name it appears in a list.


      It is a minor inconvenience.  I can search the field names or just type the full name.  But I do like the type ahead selection.  It does make things faster.


      Thanks for looking at this.
      Bruce Herbach