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    notes - wanting an auto enter date/time stamp &


      notes - i'm fairly new to fm15.  I'm wanting to have a notes field in my contacts file.  id like to be able to click an "add note" button which would auto enter a date & time stamp as well as the user name with the curser in place to start typing a note.  i'd like to have the previous notes saved and moved down so the latest note is at the top.  I've tried searching and found a few suggestions but cant't seem to find a script that works.


      also, i found a suggestion which states: You may also wish to set the field to : List ( <the calc> ; MyNoteFIeld ) this way it will build up your note field. and the most current note is at the top.   Where would i "set" this field selection ?


      thanks a bunch in advance


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          Notes like this should be a related table and placed in a portal (sorted by date descending). It allows the auto-enters you need.


          See other threads for add new portal rows (pop overs, etc. ) if you do not wish to allow records to be created in the Portal.


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            I agree with Beverly.  Notes should be a related table, related by your ClientsID primary key,  With timestamp on creation and Account Name on creation fields.


            The way I commonly do this, is it to have a button 'New Note' on the client layout with a script along these lines:


            Set Variable [$clientID ; Value: Clients::pk_ClientID]

            New Window [Style:Floating Document; Name; "Notepopup" ;Height: 600; Width: 800; Top: 200; Left: 200]

            Go To Layount ["Note Creation" (Notes)]

            New Record/Request

            Set Field [Notes:fk_ClientsID; $clientID]



            Then on your "Note Creation" layout, have two buttons, one labelled "Save" with a 'Close current window' script step

            and a second with 'Cancel' with Delete Record Request and Close current window script. This allows users to cancel note creation if they hit the 'New Note' button in error.


            On your main Client layout, you can then have a portal, sorted by the timestamp in descending order.


            If you want to really tie things down so people cannot edit notes later on you can have a calculation field on the main client layout  notes portal which is also not enterable in browse mode.

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              thanks beverly and mark.  from this and further reserch i see what you saying.  I'm wondering mark if you could send a small file example of how you set up your notes layouts.  your example is very interesting.


              thanks to both of you again.



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                Sure ajcvet


                Attached is a small database I am in the process of building, but can be shared.  use account name Admin (no password).  Please bear in mind this is a work in progress so is not the finished article, but you can see how I handle notes on the Clientmain layout which the file should take you to on opening.


                This is just one way of doing things, and may not be for everyone.


                Any question, just ask.