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notes - wanting an auto enter date/time stamp &

Question asked by ajcvet on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by markpelleymounter

notes - i'm fairly new to fm15.  I'm wanting to have a notes field in my contacts file.  id like to be able to click an "add note" button which would auto enter a date & time stamp as well as the user name with the curser in place to start typing a note.  i'd like to have the previous notes saved and moved down so the latest note is at the top.  I've tried searching and found a few suggestions but cant't seem to find a script that works.


also, i found a suggestion which states: You may also wish to set the field to : List ( <the calc> ; MyNoteFIeld ) this way it will build up your note field. and the most current note is at the top.   Where would i "set" this field selection ?


thanks a bunch in advance