2empowerFM Developer Assistant v3.1 and OS X Sierra Updates

Discussion created by cdragon on Nov 21, 2016

Crestline, CA, Nov 21, 2016 -- 2empowerFM Developer Assistant v3.1 final release is out with fixes that include a partial work-around of an "uninitialied variable" bug in the plug-in API of FM 14 and later that can cause a random failure of DA's 'Evaluate' button.


All plug-ins have passed compatibility testing with OS X 10.12 Sierra. Hands-Free Printer needed updates to fix bugs with Sierra while all other plug-ins needed no changes.


Developer Assistant v3.1 is available immediately at  This is a free update for licenses purchased May 16, 2014 and later.


Hands-Free Printer v3.63 is available immediately at  This is a free update for licenses purchased May 16, 2014 and later.


Full details of fixes and changes can be found in the release notes.


About 2empowerFM Plug-ins


Our 2empowerFM line of plug-ins save you time during FileMaker development and add powerful features to your FileMaker solutions. Our plug-ins include:


2empowerFM Developer Assistant
- Quickly search all scripts to find ones containing a string or pattern.
- Find table names, function and script step names, field metadata, and more, without generating a DDR.
- Replace text in script steps and in the multi-line text boxes of any dialog.
- Debug and develop faster by evaluating highlighted expressions immediately instead of copying, closing dialogs, and pasting into FileMaker's Data Viewer.


2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer
- Automate printing and control printer-specific settings.
- Save money by enforcing the use of double sided and toner saver modes.
- Prevent costly mistakes like printing all records instead of current record.


2empowerFM Menu Popper
- Pop-up multi-level menus anywhere on a FileMaker layout.
- Use unique dropdown menus to show type-ahead search results from multiple searches.
- Make menu items bold, italic, underlined, bulleted, or add separator lines between items.


2empowerFM Keyboard and Mouse
- Easily link hotkeys to scripts, create image-map buttons, and change the mouse cursor.


2empowerFM SQL Runner
- Insert and Update data in any FileMaker table without changing layouts or creating extra table relationships.
- Use an SQL query in a calculated field to generate dynamic pop-up lists.
- One of our FREE plug-ins!


2empowerFM Text Toolkit
- Perform powerful search and replace in database text using Perl-compatible regular-expressions.
- Generate a hash of data using many algorithms including SHA512, SHA256, and MD5.
- Another FREE plug-in!


2empowerFM Clipboard Explorer
- Save and restore objects on the clipboard including stylized text, FileMaker scripts, and layout objects.
- Also totally FREE!


Pricing and Availability


Plug-in updates are available immediately at


Updates for paid plug-ins are free for those who purchased a license within the last year, or longer if intervening plug-in releases contain only minor new features or small fixes.  Check the dates posted in the release notes to see if you qualify for a free upgrade on your particular plug-in license.  All older licenses may be upgraded for 50% off the price of an equivalent new license.


All plug-ins can be tested for 30 days free of charge and demos are fully functional.  Up to three demo extensions are available upon request.


About Dracoventions


Dracoventions is a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member located in Crestline, CA, USA. Dracoventions is focused on inventing software that empowers you to save development time, expand FileMaker's abilities, and create a better user experience.


With over 25 years of software engineering experience, company-founder Chris Dragon was inspired by the business needs of a FileMaker-based non-profit to create the 2empowerFM Family of Plug-ins. These plug-ins include Developer Assistant, Hands-Free Printer, Menu Popper, SQL Runner, Text Toolkit, and more.  Plug-ins are available at




Chris Dragon


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