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Help With SQL Query

Question asked by user27070 on Nov 21, 2016
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Hello Everyone,


Currently right now I have two tables, Models and Freight. Freight goes by branch and there should be 10 records per every model listed in here.

I need to create a query where I can show model name related to freight values for each branch.
for example:


Model, Branch 1, branch 2, branch 3, branch 4, .......


Model 1, 2000, 1000, Null or missing, 2000


However there are a lot of missing values in the freight table, and im looking for an easy way to show my managers so they can go through and fix any issues. I am familiar with using Virtual Lists, however I cannot get a sql script to work. Am I supposed to use a INNER JOIN? If so, how?


I do realize I can create a portal to the freight table and they can go through every model to find missing values. That is just a pain and they did not like that solution.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you