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    FileMaker Server 15.0.3


      It has been a shortcoming of Web Direct that using an iPad you are not able to view pdfs that are externally stored in interactive containers. You can set it to view and not use interactive container and see the first page. There is no way to export field contents or open the pdf for viewing. See KB13189.


      This issue has been around since 2014 and I have been hoping it would be addressed by now.

      The article suggests using arrow keys to scroll the contents this does not work at all if using WebDirect and iPad. Filemaker Go is not an option in the deployment being used.


      Has anyone updated their server and can advise whether this was fixed but just not reported?




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          I am running a development server on Mac OS X 10.12.1 with FMS 15.0.3 and I used an iPad to log in to a file with a layout that has a container field where the field type is Interactive and the went to a record with a PDF in it.  I get a page preview of the first page assuming it has been imported on a Mac, I get an icon for ones input by Windows.  It is only the first page and I can't scroll the container field.  If I click on the document, up pops a menu and one of the choices is VIEW.  I can select it and the PDF is fully viewable and scrolls on the iPad. 

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            Thanks Taylor. That's good news. Just to confirm you are using WebDirect with the iPad? You mentioned that the pop up menu has other choices. Could you let me know what these are?

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              I had a similar but not directly related issue recently.  I found that if you are putting a PDF file into a container field on a Windows client ( in my case Windows 10 ) the interactive content will only appear if Acrobat ...aka Adobe Reader is launched BEFORE FileMaker is launched.  Otherwise you get a goofy icon instead of the PDF content

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                Martin, I did it using FileMaker Go on the iPad and not WebDirect.  My apologies for not better reading the question.  You are correct that I only see the first page preview and I cannot scroll in the container field with a PDF preview.  My apologies for paying attention to your needing to know if it works in WebDirect on the iPad.  I also tried WebDirect on my Mac OS X 10.12.1 and Safari 10.0.1 and it won't even show me the PDF previews. 

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                  One other comment is that even though I don't see previews in Safari on the Mac with WebDirect, I can click the link and the PDF will open in a new tab window and be scrollable, etc.  I wonder why not on the iPad. 

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                    Thanks for the revisiting this for me. It is odd that FileMaker would choose to ignore this behaviour in WebDirect for Safari and completely for the iPad. Its been aware of this since 2014. WebDirect provides this capability for other tablets but it looks like FileMaker has decided to make the iPad the second class option here. There is FileMaker Go but that is not a viable option in some solutions. In this particular deployment for Safari, and in other browsers, the user is simply exporting the field's contents and viewing in a separate window as you noted. But no such option for the iPad.


                    Thanks again Taylor. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this and to revisit it again. Now if only Filemaker would direct some energy to this.

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                      I think WebDirect is wonderful, but it certainly is hard to tame HTML5 when you have multiple engines rendering it (IE, Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, etc.).  So I understand the challenges.  However, that is what will set FM apart from other solutions is if it can make such processes easy.  When it comes to PDFs, their is a lot of ADA compliance with them and certain market segment like the government are just going to require that FM play very well with PDFs or it won't even be on the consideration list.  So it really is rather important to figure out.  I still think WebDirect is in its infancy, but these are the types of things that need tamed in the future.  I'm sure FM is listening.  We talk a lot about even things like the server rendering PDFs. 

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                        When I click into a container field that has a PDF the Acrobat tools activate for zooming scrolling downloading etc.   I can't attest to why.