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    FYI:  Discussions vs. Questions

    David Moyer

      Hi all.

      given my frustration with the very common occurrence of folks starting a Discussion (visually, the most obvious choice), in lieu of a Question (not obvious), I spent a good two hours yesterday trying to create a JIVE account simply so that I could suggest the following ...

      Question hope.PNG

      They never actually gave me a log-in, but did finally listen to my request.  They said that JIVE had an improvement in place, but that the FM Community site had not yet adopted it; and it could be a long time before that happens.  To quote the second part of the response ...

      "A way to work around this is requesting that the administrator monitors the questions / discussions and manually marks discussions as questions when appropriate."

      Of course, Discussions cannot be marked as correct and finalized (and the generous help y'all provide cannot be properly recognized).