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Filemaker GO, iPad home icon launch issue

Question asked by thangam on Nov 23, 2016
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Hi Guys,


Any one advice me, about my issue, I am facing FM Go iPad home icon lunch, I am using web click concept almost done, major  issues when user file is click (home icon click) call external database but is not open external database, iPad one dialog popup window is came show two local file 1. User file 2. Data_User File, The Data_User is external, database is stored iPad local and also user file, user file no tables all the tables refer from external Data_User database.


What I want


1. When home icon click automatically open application don't ask dialog to select open.

2. When home icons is click also call external database.


I am also try below some function


Open script for User file


1. Open file (Data_User file)-> This concept working desktop but iPad is not working, External database is not opening

2. Open URL same issue, External database is not opening


iPad Safari URL Like that (FMP://%7E/User)