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Filemaker Server Admin Console Application Error

Question asked by TaukoririMeita on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by taylorsharpe

So I have Filemaker Server 11 which was running still is since we all can access our database hosted on the Filemaker Server 11. But now I want to access the Admin Console and its giving me this error "Unexpected exception: java.lang.NullPointerException". I've been searching for a solution online but with no luck so I thought I'll start this new topic to you smart/experienced people.


So here's what I've done so far...I've deleted temporary java cache files. Set java security setting to high and exception site list accordingly and tick "Enable Java content in the browser".


I can access it from the web using http://servername:16000 but cannot access admin console from it as well.


I'm using:

Windows Server 2008

Filemaker Server

Java version 8 update 111



It used to work without a problem but I've read somewhere that Java version compatibility might be an issue and I'm not sure if the Java has been updated causing this problem....I just want your thought before I find a way to downgrade the version of Java.