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Changing Relationship Types

Question asked by melclift on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by philmodjunk

HI there,


I need some help!  I am a user who actively used FM up to about v6/7 - over the last few years haven't really used it, or done any development in it - now with a role change, its back on my plate (yay!!).


I am struggling with relationships - Get the concept - find something in common to make a match, and bring through the rest of the info based on the match.


So, I've started up a new database from scratch.  Essentially (it was all in XL) I've identified the primary components/common bits for it:


1. Vendor (the developer who owns the land)

2. Client (the purchaser who is going to buy the land)

3. All of the stock available

4. Sales In Progress

5. drafting (for our building designer) - don't worry about this at this point in time


So, my vendor has lots of stock to sell. Each item of stock can only be sold once, however there may have been a prior sale on the property which may have fallen over.


My clients can purchase multiple properties.


My sales keeps records of who entered into a contract on what property, when finance is due, settlement due, etc.


I am having trouble with the relationships between the vendor, stock, sales in progress.  Each of the relationships I have created have defaulted to a setting of many to many - and I want to change it to one to many (i.e., one vendor has lots of different blocks in one estate).


In some instances, it appears to be working. In others, its an epic fail.


Can I have some help please? do the relationships between all the tables look ok? At the moment, clients is sitting in a separate database, whereas all the other tables are in one database called "Properties" - can I have the clients in this database as well? (it was in a separate one from my old old filemaker days pre-relationships).


Many many thanks for your input - please don't get too technical on me at this stage, still remembering all the fantastic FM features,