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    label printing in webdirect?


      So, if I am correct, label printing in WebDirect is non-functional. It worked via my FMP15 connection to the project on the server, but when I went through a browser I got nothing. I tried to then just "print" the label layout, but it only showed a single label.


      Is there any work-around?

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          Save as a PDF using a robot then have the user open the PDF and print labels that way.

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            I saw a page that mentioned a robot and printing ... how does one ... utilize a robot? #noobquestion

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              A robot is a nice way of saying: Run a copy of FileMaker Pro on the server or another computer and have it do what Server cannot do.

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                Mike -- I am trying to understand a couple of steps:


                Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 3.38.55 PM.png

                #6 is likely super simple. How do I add inside a script to run another script?


                #8 ... How do I create a robot account? Does this mean I add a new User account and name it "The robot"? Does it need full privileges? Or is it something else server-specific?

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                  I solved #6.


                  #8 is the confusion. Is the "robot account" special than a normal User account? Is it a normal admin account? OR, is it some other sort of account? I think I have everything setup as per the instructions but I keep getting an error: "The PDF generator is not responding".

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                    Markus Schneider

                    for a first run, a robot-account is not needed (one could start the 'robot' manually after loggin in to the fileMaker solution), but it helps identifying that specific client and lets one robot automatically. It would be a FileMaker useraccount


                    That robot client starts up FileMaker as any other user, since it can be recognized from within the startscript by the account name, it will go to a separate TO/layout, will fire a on-timer-script (or whatever) and checks for 'robot-work' every couple of minutes, seconds, years... (-:


                    A user who wants to print something creates an entry in a specific table with the definitions (in whatever way) for the stuff to be printed and his/her user-ID. Processing that, is the 'robot-work'


                    the robot will recognize the new record (ie on-timer-script...), process data (go to the print layouts, gets the data-to-be-printed, creates a pdf and sends this by email / container field (with the pdf loaded) to the user


                    basically simple


                    that said, IMHO a lot of those workarounds that every FileMaker developer knows - that's a job that can be done perfectly only by FileMaker!

                    FileMaker is asked to implement a printing method for WebD, etc. That said (again..), FileMaker has to priorize, categorize all those things on the todo-list. Some of the items would lead to other problems - so, changing a simple bit in some process might lead to other processes to be reworked... sigh...



                    Means: We are asked to write feature requests (there are some for printing/pdf-ing from Server) - but FileMaker can't implement all of the wishes as soon/fast as they would like to do - because of impacts to other routines, etc

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                      Could I use my personal FMP useraccount? Could I set it up so that WebDirect users could trigger a request for a PDF and when I login through FMP, my account automatically makes the PDFs, and sends them an email link to the file or the like (or even emails it to them)?


                      With the ClickWorks client-to-client aspect utilized in pdf-in-webdirect, that could possibly work, right? Or does my account always need to be online to process the request immediately?

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                        Markus Schneider

                        the robot is a normal FMP client - means 'user driven', not a service. Therefore, that client needs to be running as long as needed... it doesn't matter under what OS account this client is running, but for FileMaker, I would use a separate account with all the needed priviledges

                        I would not recomend a 'user' machine/FMP to run in a productive environment - but for testing, it's fine. You have to be logged in and Your FM needs to be running, but since 'client-pdf-orders' are stored in a table, thise orders can be processed later, when You log in, when You are not that busy, etc.

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                          Yes, this would be a temp fix until I build a php-based site away from WebDirect.


                          How would you recommend I setup the 'client-pdf-orders' stored in a table so that I can check in and process requests? Is it already built in to the pdf-in-webdirect module?

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                            Markus -- when you said "'client-pdf-orders' are stored in a table" did you mean in using the webdirect-to-pdf module? If so, is there a specific recommended tweak to allow it to be processed later? There is a "timed out" time built into it, I believe, that would likely need to be modified.

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                              Markus Schneider

                              it depends on Your needs...


                              I did not implement the 'modular FileMaker' modules


                              I created a separate Table with the data for a print job (TO, Selection criteria, etc). For example, if You want an invoice to be printed as pdf, You need to write the Invoice_ID, maybe the print-options (with/without Logo,) in that table (with Your user-ID)


                              Then, when the robot starts up, it will process all the records in that table. When a record is processed (printed), it can be deleted or marked as done - means, the robot just checks for existing records or records that are marked as undone.


                              It really depends on Your needs, we had this for forms of some annually checks of buildings/rooms - it was just the departement as criteria, every record (building....) that was marked as 'ok' was printed. Invoicees are easy as well - but can be much more complicated.

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