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FileMaker Go v15 Large PDF File Size

Question asked by mrarchaeology on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by zzeve

Having an odd issue with FileMaker Go v15. I have multiple users connecting with iPads to a FM server (v14) hosting a database for mobile field memo creation and distribution.


The key component is saving the memos to PDFs that can be easily emailed to clients. With the compatibility issues between iOS 10.x and FM Go 14, some users moved to FM Go 15 (I have both on my iPad). This resolved major crashing issues, however the Save as PDF interface is different (not a major issues), there is no viewing of PDFs prior to saving (addressed elsewhere, and not too major), but on version 15 the PDFs are much larger in size. For example on a device with FM Go 14 the PDF saves as a 520 KB file, but on FM 15 (even on the same device just seconds later) it saves as a 3 MB file! FileMaker PRO Advanced (v 14 and 15) both create the PDF at 520 KB.


The memos include about 3 pages, one of text, one a full page photo, and finally a page or more of 4x6 photos. All photos are automatically resized on import to the DB to 800x600, and are thus minimal each.


The only difference I can find is in the PDF creator listed in the attributes of the file in Adobe. FM GO 15 has the PDF producer as" iPhone OS 10.1.1 Quartz PDFContext while v 14 has it as 10.0.2.  


With over a 100 memos generated and emailed each week, the difference in storage and mobile data use is a concern. Any assistance would be much appreciated!