Conditional Increment

Discussion created by GSalmson on Nov 23, 2016
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HI there,

My solution has a field for department where the work needs to be done. It also has a jobid field which is an auto-increment field. I have a layout for each department which finds a list of jobs which is specific for each department. Using the {RecordNumber} at the beginning of each line, I get a nice little "Row number" for each job.


What I am trying to do is either use a "Get(RecordNumber)" to catch this number from this layout. Only trouble is that the records are created in a different dataentry layout and so the Get(RecordNumber) returns the record number from that layout.


Or have another increment field which counts up using some calculation like "If (Department=Sales count up 1) else if department=maintenance leave alone. I presume this would come from a global field, but am not sure how to write this one.


Please point me in the right direction here.

Thanks for all the help in advance.