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Runtime crash when exporting FM file after Inno Setup

Question asked by tays01s on Nov 24, 2016

I have an RT that works fine when copied to a PC. However, if I set it up using Inno Setup, it appears to setup the RT correctly and run the first windows-sizing scripts. I then run a script to export a license request which is an FM file exported. The file is exported to the correct desktop folder, but it is empty and the RT crashes. If I think try to run the RT from its .exe, the same happens. However, if I'd copied the RT folder to the PC, it runs fine from the .exe.


I'm producing the RT in parallels/OSX and running the RT on W8.1. Because the 'raw' RT works correctly, I'm assuming the error must come in the Inno Setup.


Any thoughts on what I should look into?