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Troubleshooting client disconnections FMS14

Question asked by PaulKneipp on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by PaulKneipp

How can I troubleshoot disconnections for FMP clients to a server at a university campus? The scenario:


The machine is in the university campus server room - very fast connection to the web.

Windows 8 running FMS14

Clients are using Server Connection software or WebD, on Windows 7


At home, I often connect to the server from my MacBook and leave it open all day (in use) I NEVER have disconnections. I can use my phone the same way. WebD is super solid. But when tutors use the database on campus - so they are physically 200 metres from the box - they get disconnected every 15 minutes. It's driving me mad. The on-site IT don't understand what I am asking them. This has only happened this semester - last semester there was no issue. No upgrades since then. I am about to move the hosting to a university hosted VM running Windows 2012, allowing the upgrade to FMS15. But what if I do that and the local campus still has disconnections? This is when they are actually using the databases, not just logging in and leaving the room. They are sitting marking assessments and they get the popup box (see picture)


Please advise what logs to look at in more detail, as currently the server messages just say lost connection. Very frustrating. Thanks for your time - it's much appreciated.