FM15 - Enter Key issue in Value lists in Windows & missing "Select All" option

Discussion created by user11910 on Nov 24, 2016
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I have discovered an odd issue in FM 15 when editing a Value List. If you are typing in the list and need to create a new line and hit the <Enter Key> the Value List dialog window closes as if you hit the "OK".  This is very problematic as I now need to create lists in Word and Copy and Paste them into the Value List window. I also noticed that there is no longer the "Select All" option that allows you to select the entire contents of the Value List window to clear or edit.  I seriously think whoever was in charge of this part of the new version missed something major in the new code and this feature needs to be put back in when the next update is due.  I can't believe no one is complaining about this already!