Need to fill a field in Parent from Child records

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I have field in a parent table that is manually being captured by visual inspection of child records.  Need to have a solution when I go back to work on Monday.  SO HELP!!
I have a table of disbursement checks written from our accounting software, a check register.  We use it to document when checks written actually are disbursed (mail, overnight, or handed out) as well as the dates.  I can query what checks are still being held.  This is the problem.


The owner wants to know what are the due dates of the invoices that are being paid on these checks.  Each check could have one invoice on the remittance (child table) or 250 (or more).  Checks are listed on the remittance oldest to newest.  What I need to do, on the found set of child records is to capture these due dates to populate a field on the parent with a single due date for one invoice being paid, or mm/dd-mm/dd for the list of checks. 


The current "manual method" is not acceptable.


I am thinking:


1)  Read the child, capture the due date in a variable.

2)  If the next record is the same check, move to the next record, loop until a new check is reached.

3)  If the next record is the last, append the due date and copy variable to a field.


If the child is a single invoice, how to ?


Welcome all solutions.  I have a chance to really show upper management the power of FileMaker Pro.  So far it has been an internal tool for accounting, primarily me benefiting.