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Conditional Value List for 3 tables

Question asked by breeanne on Nov 25, 2016
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I have a little experience with conditional value lists, enough to think I know how to make it work, but not enough to figure out why it's not working!


Here's a screenshot of some of the relationships. There are three layouts (each green upper table has its own data entry layout).




I have already made a conditional value list for the brown habitats table (I have a general descriptor and a detailed one that filters based on the general selection) and it's working. Next, I'd like when the user is in the Point of Interest entry page to enter the park ID, and have the available trail ID filter based on the selected Park ID. I have both Park ID and Trail ID on the Trail Info table and Point of Interest table, and I created relationships between the two tables. Here are the conditional value list details:




I can select the Park ID fine, but the popup menu for the Trail ID shows <no values defined>


Any ideas??