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I am stuck with an averaging challenge.  I need to average certain records from a related table.

Question asked by chris.nelson on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by beverly

Good Afternoon.


I have a database with two tables.  One for Students (name, phone, address, etc) and one for Tests.


The main screen is the Student table information.  I have a portal on that screen to show the test results.  I have used an average calculation to get the averages.  It worked great for the first year.  But now, I would like to see each year's averages. (see below)


I have been trying to do a calculation that says If certain year then average.  But I can't get it to work with the related records


Is there a calculation I can do to show the "Summary by Year" averages below?


Or is there a way to have another portal that shows Year and average? 


I can't get my head around the correct approach so my experimenting has been frustrating.


Thanks for any feedback.