FMPUG Dallas Chapter Meeting Friday Dec 2, 2016:  SQL and Text Manipulation

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Dear FMPUG Dallas Chapter:


This month's FileMaker Pro User Group meeting will be Friday, December 2nd, 11am at the "Egg & I" restaurant, 15203 Knoll Trail Dr., Dallas, TX  75248. Meetings are are held monthly on the First Friday of each month. The meeting is free, but the food costs.


Taylor Sharpe of Taylor Made Services will be our presenter this month and the topic is SQL and Text Manipulation. Come hear Taylor Sharpe teach about FileMaker's Structured Query Language and what challenges it solves.  Additionally we will cover text manipulation which is also integral to SQL in FileMaker.  


FileMaker is holding a Product Roadmap presentation via the web on Wednesday, November 30th.  You can sign up for this free webinar at:  http://info2.filemaker.com/FY17_FMProductRoadmapWebinar1.html?CID=701i0000001idaB  Some evening in the week after our FMPUG meeting, we will be having a cram session for several people getting ready to take the FileMaker certification test.  If you have been through the Training Series and want to join us, just let Taylor Sharpe, Will Porter or Dennis Burnham know.  You too can feel like a college student again cramming for exams in December!  <grin>  But seriously, if you have more questions about FileMaker Certification or the FileMaker Product Roadmap, come to the meeting Dec. 2nd and we'll discuss it all!


Future Meeting Dates and Presentations:


12/02/2016 - SQL and Text Manipulation  (Taylor Sharpe)

01/06/2017 - Credit Card Processing  (Dennis Burnham)

02/03/2017 - Perfect.org toolkit Integration with FileMaker  (Brian Hamm)

03/03/2017 - DDR Analysis Tools  (Lawrence Jenkins)

04/07/2017 - TBA

05/05/2017 - TBA


FMPUG Chapter Information and schedules are posted at http://www.fmpug.org/dallas


We are always looking for good presentations. Let me know if you are available for a presentation about a topic or solution. Or let me know if there is a topic that you want to learn more about.  



FileMaker Pro Users Group (FMPUG)

Dallas Chapter Coordinator